Alla Bereshkova-LaValle

I am an artist, making one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures. There is always a story behind each of my creations, and it always a story filled with love, inspiration and sometimes humor. I do believe that art should be filled with positive and light energy and lift our spirit. All my dolls reflect my vision of my world, filled with beauty and kindness. I gave a part of my spirit to each of my creations, and I hope they fulfill my mission of bringing joy or just a smile to someone's life.

Alla Bereshkova-LaValle, owner of Lady A Fine Art Studio located in Atlanta, GA, USA, is a professional, award-winning sculptor. Her unique, one-of-a-kind, whimsical sculptures have been featured in Dolls Magazine, Art Dolls Quarterly Magazine, Huffington Post, and local publications. Lady A Fine Art Sculptures have won numerous awards in National and International competitions and shows and have been exhibited in Art Galleries. Her dolls are primarily sold from her website, shows, and social media and have found their way into private collections in many countries across the world.

Quotes from Buyers

"…Piece is incredible. I have been collecting doll art for many years now and I have never seen a piece such as you created. I have nothing showing motion/movement. .. thank you and I am proud to add your piece to my collection."
"Adorable sculpture! I absolutely love her to bits. Prompt delivery, excellent correspondence. Thank you! I'm looking forward to adding more of your art to my collection."
"Oh, what a delightful addition to my collection! I must say, this sculpture of three street cats-musicians has brought an abundance of joy into my home. From the moment I set my eyes on it, I couldn't help but smile. Every time I glance at this whimsical trio, it's as if I'm transported to a charming street corner where these cats serenade passersby with their joyful tunes. I want to extend my gratitude to the talented artist - Alla - who crafted this masterpiece, for she has given me not just a sculpture, but a piece of happiness that now resides in my heart and home. I eagerly anticipate adding more of her art to my collection."
"This original artwork is a Confederate Soldier in thoughtful repose, as if he is considering the tragic memories of War. He is a striking, handsome middle–aged man, yet the tolls of war are clearly captured in his face and eyes. As do so many of Lady A’s sculptures, this sculpted art doll tells a moving story. I have not seen any comparable Soldier Art since I acquired it 10 years ago. “
“I am the very proud owner of this original art sculpture created by Alla Bereshkova. The sculpture is a near-perfect replica of a favorite comedian of mine when I was a child, Red Skelton. ”

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