On The Soft Side

Abby Tabby, the Cat 

In private collection



Kung Fu Cat


In private collection.


Richard, The Lionheart


Honey Delivery ” is One-Of-A-Kind composition.
Cute little Bear is riding his motorcycle with a jar of honey in the basket. The Bear’s head and paws were created with felting needle technique. He has soft body over armature. The motorcycle is plastic, weathered with acrylic paint and sealed with a professional paint sealer.
The Bear and his motorcycle is free standing on a base made with clay bricks over the wood and painted with acrylic.
The composition dimensions are 10” x 7” x 15”H



Morning Tea” is One-of-a-kind art doll composition made with felting needle technique.
This charming white mouse was created from white merino wool. Her body was sculpted over an armature. Doll’s eyes are made from clay.
The mouse is wearing cute pink bath robe and fuzzy sleepers. It has red manicure/pedicure, and it is holding a tiny porcelain tea cup and saucer. (8 piece tea set is included with the doll.)
The doll is 5″. The whole piece dimensions are 9″ x 9″.
The composition includes miniature wicker chair and table.



Catherine, the Cat” is One-Of-A-Kind doll made with felting needle technique.
Catherine is a very fashionable Siamese cat. She has big blue eyes made with clay and painted with acrylic. Her dress tightly fits her shaped body. Catherine is wearing pearl necklace and earrings, cute summer hat and very feminine leather purse.
Catherine is 14” tall, including the base.

In private collection




Vacation” is One-Of-A-Kind composition.
If you have an Apple fan friend or relative, they will love this funny pink flamingo with a little iPhone in his wings. The Flamingo is texting someone sharing her vacation’s photos.
The doll is made with merino wool and real feathers. Her legs, eyes and beak are sculpted with clay and painted with acrylic.
The composition’s dimensions are 8” x 6” x 9” H (including the base and umbrella



Peacock is one-of-a-kind needle felted sculpture with real peacock feathers attached. Its eyes, beak and claws are sculpted with polymer clay. The bird is sitting on the tray made from bamboo (made in Japan). The whole composition can be used as an original centerpiece. (Fruits are not included)
Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ – tray base, 14″ – the height of the bird including tail.







In private collection.


Poky, the Hedgehog

In private collection